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February 29, 2012

LAST DAY OF MY #WATERCHALLENGE! Finally, geesh! I closed out my #waterchallenge with 3 bottles of water today. Of course you’re thinking, “Dang, the last day and you still couldn’t make it to 4.” I know, I know. But I honestly couldn’t. Even though I have been doing this for a month, I still struggle to make it to 4 bottles of water a day… which it what makes it a challenge. When I started this #waterchallenge, I chose the number 4 not only to be able to consume what I believed to be my daily intake of water, but also because I knew that 4 bottles of water would be hard for me to drink daily. 

I thought about lying each day on my blog to say yeh, I finished 4 bottles of water a day, but that wouldn’t help me or anybody else. By being honest, I revealed that consuming the needed amounts of water daily is very difficult and something that many people, including myself, cannot do. When you really think about all the liquids that we consume daily, how much of it is healthy? We find it easy to drink coffee, juice, sugar filled beverages, and alcohol… all things which do more harm for our bodies than good. But when you think about drinking water, we find it hard to do and have to force ourselves to drink it. 

This #waterchallenge has brought to light my strengths and many of my weaknesses. It has also educated me greatly on the importance of water and the numerous benefits that it provides. I may not have been able to drink 4 bottles every day, but this challenge has made me genuinely want to drink more water. I honestly don’t have a strong taste for juice, sodas, or alcoholic drinks and I’m so proud of myself for that. 

My goal in this #waterchallenge was not to drink 4 bottles a day for a month and then go back to my old habits of drinking sodas and juices, but to make drinking water a daily habit…better yet a lifestyle. I can happily say that I have achieved my goal! 

Anybody who attempts this challenge, I wish you the best of luck. Please check out all my links for tips on how to make your #waterchallenge a success! 


Completed Bottles:3

Final Count:61 out of 88

Here’s a link to another challenge I did just for fun! Its the #cinnamonchallenge…ENJOY!

February 28, 2012

Had this not been a leap year, this would be the last day of my #waterchallenge, but since it is then I still have a couple of days to push through. So, I finished my usual 2 bottles of water at work and I’m currently finishing up my third with dinner. Of course its late and by now you know how I feel about drinking water late at night. Despite the fact that my #waterchallenge is almost over, I still can’t manage to pull it together at the end. I think that the final count for today will be 3. :(

Water Fact:

The U.S. National Research Council recommends 1 mL of water for every calorie you eat. So according to this guideline, a person who eats 2,000 calories should be drinking 2,000 mL. 

Tuesday February 28, 2012 


Completed Bottles:3


February 27, 2012

Honestly, this weekend was terrible for my #waterchallenge. When faced with the real challenge of being able to drink water while traveling, I completely bummed. Its really upsetting that I’m almost done with my #waterchallenge and I’m doing worse than when I started! My excuse is that I was moving around too much to have time to drink my water, but I know that drinking water is not that hard and I could have found time to still maintain my 4 bottles of water a day. Hmph!

Well, I finished 2 bottles of water at work today and it is 6:16 PM and I’m finishing up my third. I know that I will make it to bottle 4 tonight because I have to make up for the huge loss I had this past weekend. Wish me well as my #waterchallenge comes to an end. :)

Water Fact:

Drink more water if you want to lose weight. It is said that fat people need to drink more water. Water can help in weight reduction, and increase in metabolism. So drink more water to lose weight and keep it in control. 


Completed Bottles: 4


February 26, 2012

#hangovershawty. This is not good! All of that clubbing has left me with a serious headache and a lack of appetite. However, I’m so thirsty but I want to drink everything BUT water. I knew coming to Jackson was going to really test me with my #waterchallenge and I failed! Every time I come to Jackson, which is home for me, I’m always busy and running around. Being busy makes it very difficult for me to drink water, especially when going out with friends… water is definitely not a choice for beverages for the night. 

My drinks for today included a root beer, a pineapple Fanta and one sorry bottle of water. Its official…I suck!!!

Water Fact:

If you would normally get a soda, or an alcoholic beverage, get a glass of water instead. Try sparkling water instead of alcohol at social functions


Completed Bottles:1


February 25, 2012

I think I’m still tipsy from last night, not good. It’s 8 in the morning and I haven’t had any water. Hoping that I will be able to squeeze in a few bottles by the time I leave the beauty shop.

My hair looks gorgeous, thanks Carmen! My hair may be on point, but this #waterchallenge of mine is NOT. I left the beauty shop, picked up my cousins, took them to the barber shop, its now after 2 and I still haven’t had any water!!! I’m so mad with myself right now!!!

Well, I finally got some water and I managed to finish 1 bottle. I’ve come to the conclusion that clubbing is not good for my #waterchallenge. This is my 2nd night going out in a row and each time I go out, I don’t drink any water. Liquids for the night: Ciroc, pineapple orange juice, 3 beers, and a mixed drink. Water: None

Water Fact:

Pure water can be a disadvantage if you exercise in high temperatures, and you are on a no sodium diet.  In this rare case, drinking pure water will absorb the salts in your body which can cause serious complications.



Completed Bottles:1

Total: 50

February 22, 2012

Wednesday aka “hump day” and I’ve been humping it with this #waterchallenge today! So I took 3 bottles of water with me to work today. I finished 2 bottles before 11 AM and I finished the third with my lunch. I finally made it to bottle 4!!! I finished it with my dinner tonight. I thought about finishing up a 5th bottle, but you and I both know that my bladder is not going for it! 

4 bottles though…*hits the dougie* :)(:

 Water Fact:

Distilled water remains consistent no matter where it is purchased; however, what’s in tap water varies from place to place


Completed Bottles:4


February 21, 2012

So I was unable to finish bottle 4 yesterday and it doesn’t look like I will make it to bottle 4 today either. Its easy for me to gulp down two bottles at work, they fit easily into my lunch bag, and I can drink one in the morning and one with my lunch. However, after lunch is over, my water is all gone.

So I guess you’re thinking, “Well doesn’t your job have vending machines?” My reply is, “Well of course they do! But I refuse to spend a $1.25 on one bottle of water, when a case of 24 bottles is 2.99. You do the math!”

Anyways by the time I get home, I have a bottle of water with dinner and then afterwards its time for bed. I may be 24 years old, but water right before bed is still a big NO, NO for me. I don’t want to waste any of my sleep on a “random toilet out of nowhere” dream. Ending count today….3.

Water Fact:

There is such a thing as drinking an excess of water. Guzzling a ton of water in a short amount of time can overload your kidneys and cause a drop in blood sodium levels.


Completed Bottles:3

Total: 39

February 17, 2012

Its Friday, I ain’t got no job and I ain’t got nothing to do!

Lol, just kidding….HAPPY FRIDAY! For the record, I do have a job and I finished 2 bottles at work. I think my job actually helps me with my #waterchallenge. Since I sit at work all day long… and I do mean, ALL DAY LONG, its easy for me to concentrate on finishing my bottles of water. But as soon as I get home I don’t think about drinking any water because I’m busy doing some house work or running errands. The busier I am, the less water I drink. Nonetheless, I am working on the third bottle as I type. Making it to bottle 4 tonight might be a stretch… I honestly don’t think I will. 

Water Fact:

Always drink water after your have a meal

This is not only for hydrating. It’s also good for digestion too. Every time you finish a meal, drink a glass of water and at the end of the day, some of you will find that this is all they had to do to drink enough water.


Completed Bottles: 3

Total: 29

February 16, 2012

Today started off pretty good. I finished 2 bottles before 12:30 PM, and finished the 3rd by 7 PM. However, getting this 4th one down is becoming a challenge. I think the later in the evening it gets, the more trouble I have drinking water. Mainly because I’m scared I’m going to piss on myself in the middle of the night. (TMI, maybe but oh well) My bladder has not adjusted to the increase in my water intake and I swear I stay on the toilet more than I sleep nowadays. Sad…but true. I can’t hold my bladder for anything. So I think the total count for today may be three, but its only 8:43…however my bedtime is at 9:30…so you do the math.

Water Fact:

If you are drinking more than a gallon of water (about 12 glasses of water) a day, then you may be drinking more than normal. Be careful that you don’t drink too much water, or you may be at risk of water intoxication.


Completed Bottles:3


February 15, 2012

So I didn’t finish the remaining two on yesterday…it was Valentine’s Day, and lets just say I had other things to do other than drink water. Like… watch New Jack City! (Get your mind out the gutter) I spent the rest of yesterday evening enjoying a steak, with asparagus, carrots, and a baked potato, wine, and chocolate covered strawberries while watching Wesley Snipes and Ice T battle it out over cocaine in New Jack City. A wonderful Valentine’s Day, but I did fall short on my #waterchallenge. However today, I did surprisingly well, I finished 2 bottles before 3 PM and finished the remaining 2 later this evening. As a reward to myself, I had 2 gulps of Coca Cola…I had to do it and coke never tasted better. It tasted like relief! I immediately felt stress free, care free, and bubbly inside. Honestly, I still think that there is a little cocaine residue still in some of the coke bottles. :)

Water Fact:

Diuretics, such as caffeine pills, certain medications and alcohol may increase the amount of water your body loses. Energy drinks with large amounts of caffeine may also have a diuretic effect. 


Completed Bottles:4


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